RULES - C-Dubs Dart Challenge

The General Idea

This is a singles steel tip dart practice league… It is open to players of all skill levels that would like to get some additional practice and see how they stack up one-on-one with other players in the area. Women, out of town players & under 21 players are also welcome..... Just be aware that the matches will be played in the Dayton area and matches with under age player will be held at C-Dubs.....

It is free…. Just good darts…..

It is in a ladder challenge format, meaning all players are ranked in a single list

You can challenge anyone up to two spots above you… if you win, you move up & they move down (you switch places on the list)

We would like you to play a match at least every two weeks…. (more often if you like)

You must play a match every 3 weeks or you will start falling down the list

C-Dubs will remove or not allow any player that is a troublemaker. (if you want to bother somebody, go harass the big drunk dude at the bar - leave us alone)

Joining the C-Dubs Dart Challenge...... call the store at 294-2382 and give us a phone number and email address to contact you..... you must have email or you will not have access to the confidential player contact list. We will send a link to the player contact list (do not share the list)

The Challenge

– You may challenge the player one or two positions above you on the ladder or up to 5 positions below.

– For your first challenge, you may challenge any player at any position on the ladder. If you win, you take the position of the player you challenged (he moves down 3 positions). If you lose, you go to the bottom of the ladder.

– All matches must be played within 7 days of the challenge being made or the challenger wins.

– When a challenge is made, the challengee selects the location of the match and offers three times (different days) that would work. The normal times for matches are beginning 6 to 8 pm on weekdays or after lunch on weekends. If the challenger does not accept one of these times, the challenge is void.

– If the person being challenged cannot offer 3 different match times, then the challenger wins.

– A player may decline a “repeat challenge” (any challenge issued by the same person just defeated)

The Match

– Matches are expected to be played at C-Dubs or any bar in the Dayton area (within a circle the size of 675 around town) matches involving an under age player will take place at C-Dubs

– If either party is more than 20 minutes late, then the late person loses the match.

– If you make a successful challenge, you swap your name with the person you beat.

– The winner of the match is responsible for reporting the results. The results may be emailed to Lou (check the player list) or be called in to 294-2382, or you can drop in to C-Dubs & record the results in our log book.

– Match format consists of 501 and Cricket games. Flip to decide who diddles first and the winner of the diddle starts 501. The loser of this game starts the Cricket game. The loser of the Cricket game starts the next 501 game and so on. (loser starts next game). The bottom third of the list will play first to 5 wins (best of 9 games). The middle third will play first to 7 wins (best of 13 games). The top third will play first to 11 wins (best of 21 games).

General Stuff

– This whole thing is meant to be a friendly way to get some practice. If there are lots of complaints about anybody, they will be removed from the list. We will not stand for someone trying to disrupt things….. you’ll be playing with yourself, not annoying others.

– If you do not play a match for three weeks, you will be moved DOWN three postitions on the list. If you fall to the bottom & do not play for three weeks, you will be removed from the list.

– The standings will be updated at least every Monday & Thursday, it will then be posted to the C-Dubs website and posted on the front window of the store. standings

– rules may be changed or modified as time goes on.... all players will be notified if changes occur.... shoot well